Take Care of Your Roof
Because It Takes Care of You.

Here's how it works.

It’s your shield against the elements. From heavy rainstorms to sweltering heat, your handles everything mother nature throws at it while you stay safe and dry under its shingles.

Why aren’t homeowners giving more attention to their roof’s overall health? The great guardian against the outdoors deserves more than a casual glance every so often to look for broken shingles..

In fact, doing regular checkups and maintenance on your roof will extend its reliability and overall life expectancy.

Not everyone can climb up on their roof once or twice a year and know exactly what to spot.

We definitely can.

ProStruct Builders introduces our new Rooftop Wellness Program. Twice per year we check up on your roof, sharing what we find in a full Rooftop Wellness Report!

From general stability to energy efficiency, learn exactly how your roof handles the seasons, enabling you to strategize as an informed homeowner.

Alongside this bi-annual status report, the program also provides Free Roof Maintenance on minor issues such as fixing roof penetrations and nail holes. Got a bigger issue? We provide competitive rates and help you get maximum coverage from your insurance.

Enroll in the Rooftop Wellness Program today!

Annual Subscriptions of $100 per year / $9.99 per month

Twice a year we call you to arrange a full checkup on your roofing system.

In this Rooftop Wellness Report, you will learn:

  • The current health of your roofing system
  • Overall life expectancy
  • Highlighted areas of concern
  • Priority levels for roof issues
  • Tips for extending the life of your roof
  • Total Energy Efficiency.

Never worry about small repairs again! Our Rooftop Wellness Program provides free maintenance for minor issues such as filling any nail holes, roof breaches, broken vents, jacks, or openings.

Consider ProStruct Builders your personal contractors! We guide you through solving major roofing issues like storm damage. Our service includes:

  • Helping you handle insurance for maximum coverage
  • Priority care for emergency tarping work as needed
  • Offering competitive rates for all major repairs and labor.

Wrapping up:

You never know how the seasons will test your roof. Is it ready for the challenge? Know for certain with ProStruct Builders Rooftop Wellness Program and the extensive bi-annual roof wellness report! Don’t wait for a surprise leak in your ceiling, be the homeowner that thinks ahead. Your roof will thank you!

Enroll in the Rooftop Wellness
Program today!

Bi-Annual Reports and Free Maintenance

Subscribe for $100 per year or $9.99 per month