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Don’t Wait Until You’re Swimming in Your Living Room!

There’s only one bad time to call a professional roofer…that’s when your house is already flooded.

See within each raindrop is a gravitational desire to find its lowest possible point.

On a secure roof, that journey will take said raindrop straight to a gutter and drain system.

BUT if your roof is broken, that rain is headed straight for your personal property on its way to damage your equity.

How rude!

The two words no homeowner or landlord EVER wants to hear. (Apologies in advance)

That’s Water Damage.

This is why ProStruct Builders works quick.

We arrive within 72 hours to seal off your roof with our professional tarping.

Or, even better, we get there before a leak for preventative care.

Catching a shingling problem before rain has a chance to do damage — That’s what we live for!

Now’s your chance to get ahead of the game and PREVENT a leak from happening.

Arranging a Free Inspection could make the difference, saving you thousands of dollars on reparative interior work.

You want a house that confidently weathers any and all storms, free of damage.

We like to think of roofs like the interlocking shields the Spartans use against the bad guys in 300. The whole team stays protected thanks to the integrity of the entire structure.

All it takes is one shingle to be out of place and the whole defense system falls apart.

Make no mistake: If you have ANY missing shingles, water WILL find its way through!

Make sure your roof is doing what it was designed to do and Schedule a Free Inspection Today.


Worse case scenario

You get the all-clear from your local, fully-insured, BBB-Accredited Professional Roofing Co, ProStruct Builders!

Best case scenario

We catch the issue before it can cause any trouble, preventing damage and tarping off broken shingles.

The Benefits of Tarping:

Fast – We come out within 72 hours of your call to tarp all necessary spots.

Affordable – Homeowner’s Insurance covers temporary tarping. Even without Insurance, ProStruct Builders is competitively priced for YOUR home protection.

Secure – Professional tarping ensures rain doesn’t find its way through the seams of a rushed patch-job.

Already noticed a broken shingle on your roof? Don’t Delay!

The countdown has begun and water damage will be making itself an unwelcome houseguest to all your carpets and upholstery very soon.

UNLESS you act now!

Contact ProStruct Builders for a Free Inspection and we’re on our way!